Mathletics Interactive Passing Time by Dr Marian Small

The Mathletics development team is pleased to announce the release of a brand new ‘low floor, high ceiling’ interactive. Passing Time, from Dr Marian Small, is the newest addition to Mathletics for Middle Primary students and teachers. You’ll find it under the Year 3 tab of the eBook section but it is suitable for a range of primary-aged learners.

Calculating the amount of time that an event lasts is an important life skill. Many students struggle to determine elapsed time when noon or midnight is crossed, particularly when the times are not on the hour or half hour. This activity is set up so that end time is on the other side of the hour from the start time, providing opportunities for strategy development. Because students can choose their own times, they can use multiples of 5 minutes or even half-hour intervals as a starting point, before moving onto minute times when they feel ready.

View the video below to see Passing Time in action.

Designed to develop a conceptual understanding of elapsed time as well as problem solving and reasoning skills, Passing Time includes an interactive, a student printable page, teacher notes and an assessment rubric.

Login to Mathletics to try Passing time today and let us know what you think in the comments.

Student instructions

  • Choose a start time where both hands are in the blue zone.
  • Choose an end time where both hands are in the blue zone.
  • Tell how much time has passed to go from the first time to the second time.
  • When you have solved your problem, try again with different times.