We’re excited to announce that our Australian Curriculum-aligned courses have been refreshed. Activities are now grouped into more targeted topics to help teachers better meet the needs of their students. You can be assured that students have access to high quality learning materials that are directly applicable to each area of study within their course.

For students, the updated courses provide a more seamless, robust experience to better support personalised learning pathways. Your favourite activities are all still there, you might just find them under a different topic name.

At Mathletics, we’re committed to providing students, teachers and schools with resources that are comprehensive, captivating and tailored to the needs of the classroom. We know teachers need to be able to trust that their classroom resources are aligned to the most recent Australian Curriculum standards.

We’re continually updating Mathletics to deliver targeted and relevant content to all students. All Australian Curriculum courses will continue to be available in an all new interface when the brand-new generation of Mathletics arrives in March.