For the last month, 671 schools have battled it out in the 2017 Open Month Competition. After a close contest that came right down to the wire, we’re so excited to announce the winners of the Mathletics Open Month! Congratulations to both our winning schools, who have each won a Microsoft Surface Pro 4.

Open Month Competition Winners 2017

Basket Range Primary School
South Australia

Category: Non-Subscribed Schools

20,043 average points per student

Dookie Primary School

Category: Subscribed Schools

16,098 average points per student

Take a look at these great shots of Basket Range Primary School in action! The students came to school early to get as many points as possible. 

Special mention to our two runners up for each category, Bannister Creek Primary School, WA and South Coast Baptist College, WA who both fought a hard battle for the title right until the very end of the contest.

Congratulations to all of our top 50 schools. Click below to view a list of the school rankings and average points for both the non-subscribed and subscribed school categories.

Top 50 Non-Subscribed
Top 50 Subscribed

Check out these awesome statistics from the Open Month Competition!