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As a parent we know there is nothing more important than supporting your child’s education. Whether you’re looking to give them a little extra help, or you’d like to expand their knowledge, Mathletics is the perfect solution to help support maths learning at home.

  • Is your child struggling to grasp concepts at school?
  • Are you looking for something extra for your child to do outside of the classroom?
  • Are you home educating your child and looking for a powerful curriculum and educational tool?
  • Would more engaging and fun maths games improve your child’s enjoyment of learning?
  • Have you been considering a tutor to help your child’s maths results?


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 Multiverse, a new adventure in multiplication is now included with your Mathletics Home Subscription!

Targeting multiplication fluency with Multiverse from Mathletics
  • Students will solve thousands of multiplication questions as they adventure through space.
  • As they progress through space, their multiplication fluency progresses too!
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Targeting multiplication fluency with Multiverse from Mathletics

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Mathletics for families - engaging

Captivating learning

Truly captivating a student comes from providing a powerful, engaging and personal learning experience. This is the key to a true love of learning. Mathletics makes valuable educational content engaging, so students feel like they’re playing maths games while gaining valuable practice.

Mathletics for families - curriculum

A powerful curriculum

Mathletics is built on a foundation of solid curriculum-led content, designed by our team of educators. Hundreds of hours of activities, tutorials and curriculum content to support the needs of the individual learner. Designed to compliment schoolwork, with full parental control.

Mathletics for families - home educators

Perfect for home learners

If you are choosing to home educate, we understand you have some specific needs. Mathletics is a powerful tool for your teaching and is designed to target a variety of learning styles and give you the freedom to explore your teaching style with your child at home.

“My son has improved his attitude towards maths. He has told me that Mathletics has been a fun way to complete maths problems. He also loves the fact that he is able to work with others from around the world.”
– Parent

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