A library of printable workbooks at no extra cost.

We understand that taking a break from the screen is a good thing, so we’re here to support learning by pencil and paper too. That’s why we include access to the full library of printable Mathletics maths workbooks with every home subscription.

  • The Mathletics maths workbooks are clear and progressive, allowing your child to work on their own or with you by their side.
  • Aligned to the Australian Curriculum, from introducing basic concepts to exploring more advanced applications.
  • A great extra resource to supplement Mathletics, to take on holiday, or to build into your homeschool lesson plan.
  • Each grade contains a full set of printed workbooks, including hundreds of pages. An entire year’s worth of workbook activities for your child included in your Mathletics home subscription. Now that’s fantastic value!


for a full year’s unlimited access to Mathletics, including the full workbook library!

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The full Mathletics printable library of maths workbooks includes over 100 books covering all topics and strands of maths from beginner to advanced maths, from Shapes to Trigonometry.

We’ve put together a workbook that includes sample pages taken from all year levels. Download your FREE copy today.

Mathletics for families - workbooks

Go offline with full sets of professionally printed maths workbooks from just $24.95.

Access to our full digital library of workbooks is included with each home subscription. If you’d prefer to give your child real print workbooks, you can order those too! A complete set for an entire year’s maths coverage starts from just $24.95.

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