Mathletics places teachers at the heart of it all…

Included with every school subscription is the Mathletics Teacher Console. An intuitive and efficient interface designed to help you address the balance between teacher-led instruction and independent, student-driven learning in your maths classroom.

Teachers are at the heart of teaching and learning. Mathletics gives you the tools to support and empower your students. Dive in and discover how we’re making it easy for you to be an integral part of the Mathletics personalised learning experience for all learners.

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Mathletics for teachers

Powering data-driven teaching and learning.

Top contributors to an educator’s workload include marking and data management. Mathletics takes the weight off your shoulders, in real-time, so you can focus on using the data to drive teaching and learning in your maths classrooms.

The Teacher Console provides live data, represented using intuitive and dynamic visuals, allowing you to quickly and easily view your students’ progress and improvement – while assigning targeted and personalised learning pathways to address the needs of each student.

Technology to support you…
Mathletics for teachers - data driven teaching and learning

Classrooms with personalised and blended learning.

With classrooms becoming increasingly diverse, we don’t believe a teaching resource should tie you to one method of teaching. We believe in empowering teachers with time-saving tools to personalise the amount of guidance each student needs.

That’s why Mathletics includes simple to use tools to manage classes, create learning groups and custom courses, and blends multimedia resources with varied content types – enabling every student to achieve their maximum potential.

Supporting diverse learners
Mathletics for teachers - personalising learning

Ready whenever and wherever you are.

The new look Mathletics teacher console is tablet ready, just log in as normal from your mobile browser. No downloads or apps required, just your full teacher experience. Perfect for the mobile-enabled classroom, or checking those homework assignments on the go.

Mathletics for teachers - mobile and tablet

Mathletics is made for teachers.

We are proud to be a part of the evolution of education, while providing schools and teachers with a solution that addresses rigorous curriculum demands and meets the needs of all learners. We believe that technology should be there to support and to empower the education process, not hold it back. That’s why one of our core goals is to give teachers the freedom of time, in not just one way but many…

Rebekah O’Flaherty – Managing Director, 3P Learning.

Rebekah O'Flaherty - 3P Learning Managing Director

We love learning. That’s why we offer every school a free trial of Mathletics. Explore how Mathletics can support your teaching today.

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