Multiply. Divide. Conquer.

Hall of Fame

Congratulations to Lighthouse Academy (RSA) for taking out the 2017 Tri-Nations Challenge!

View final standings including student leaderboards

A fun online maths competition for all schools!

  • Thousands of dollars worth of student prizes up for grabs

  • Two weeks unlimited access to Mathletics, used by 4 million students worldwide

  • A chance to compete on the world stage

Every 250,000 UNICEF points earned in Mathletics = another $1 donation.

Turning school work into schools

Did you know that UNICEF points are earned across the Live Mathletics game and curriculum activities by answering questions correctly? We turn those points into cash and donate it to fund UNICEF projects, bringing education to people in need.

Just by competing in the Tri-Nations Challenge students are helping. Isn’t that a great reason to get involved!

Learn more about our work with UNICEF

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