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A webinar is a web-based seminar, hosted live by a member of our team. They cover the basics of Mathletics all the way up to advanced use – and best of all they are completely FREE. Each one-hour webinar is cross-referenced against the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers for ease of professional development planning. Browse the list of upcoming webinars in the tabs below and choose a session to best suit you.

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Teacher Certification

Teacher Certification – Getting Started (AUS_LE1001WB)

Tues 13 June (AEST) and Wed 21 June (AWST)

This course is designed to support all teachers who wish to undertake the Teacher Certification Pathway. Designed to support and inspire teachers in their understanding and application of 3P Learning’s programs (Mathletics and Reading Eggs) and ICT in the classroom, its aim is to ensure teachers are able to undertake the certification pathway through three levels culminating with Lead Educator.
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Teacher Dashboard

Exploring the New Interface

Thurs 1 June 4pm (AEST)

A full overview of the new functionality and features of Mathletics (demonstrating the seamless transition between old and new)
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Using the Resources to Support Blended Learning

Wed 24 May 4pm (AEST)

Exploring eBOOKS and DEMONSTRATIONS to understand how these areas support and strengthen opportunities to blend teaching and learning.
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Support Student Growth with Data Driven Teaching and Learning

Tues 23 May 4pm (AEST)

Exploring the areas of ASSIGN, RESULTS, TESTS and REPORTING to better understand how the data provided can inform the next steps in teaching and learning.
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Personalise Learning Through Differentiation

Tues 30 May 4pm (AEST)

Looking at how Mathletics supports you to differentiate the class and learning content, particularly through the areas of CLASSES and COURSES.
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Student Console

Leveraging the Mathletics Primary Student Console for Learning

Thurs 25 May 4pm (AEST)

Exploring the new Primary Console, its captivating elements and how it supports student-driven learning through choice and reflection.
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The Secondary Student Console – Using Mathletics for Student-Driven Learning

Mon 5 June 4pm (AEST)

In this webinar we take a closer look at the Secondary Student Console and five of the key ways that Mathletics supports student-driven learning:

1. Captivating Learners: Mathletics Makes Learning Personal
2. Making Learning Purposeful: Curriculum, Resources and Choice
3. Practice & Fluency through Play: Gamified Learning
4. Learn & Review: Assessing Understanding
5. Feedback & Reflection: Making Learning Visible

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“I’d just like to say thank you. I very much enjoyed the session after being quite hesitant about joining in. The speed/pace was excellent so that I could follow the instructions and I liked being able to ask questions. I look forward to the next opportunities.”

Sandra Barett, St Margaret’s School Berwick, VIC

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