The Mathletics team is pleased to announce the newest Mathletics resource to cover essential early numeracy learning – Numeracy for Early Learners.

Numeracy for Early Learners includes the Numbeanies Games Box and the Magic Mentor Videos which are now available within the Mathletics Teacher Console.

Numbeanies Game Box

The Numbeanies Games Box is a collection of card games, complete with teacher support, designed to develop students’ number sense, fluency and thinking strategies, covering early numeracy concepts from Kindergarten through to Grade 2.

All the games use a set of Mathletics Cards themed around the world of Numbeanies, a species of colourful, plant-based creatures.

The Numbeanies Games Box is made up of 3 core components:

  1. A deck of 84 Augmented Reality-enabled Mathletics cards that represent numbers as collections, numerals and words
  2. Numbeanies: Number Forest app that interacts with the AR flash cards to teach knowledge skills and understanding, and explore practice and fluency in basic numeracy
  3. Over 30 card games with teacher support, in a single games library

Numbeanies provides a unique bridge between the digital and physical that that helps students learn the representations of numbers in their forms ranging from concrete to abstract representations.

Mathletics cards are a set of flash cards that can teach on their own. The unique digital integration allows the cards to be explored by students, independent of the teacher. This allows teachers greater time and freedom to focus their attention on other tasks.

Magic Mentor Videos

Video is not only a powerful way to maintain the attention of young learners, it is also a useful tool for communicating new concepts. Meet Magic Mentor Videos– a trusted set of entertaining and educationally rigorous videos designed to explain foundational numeracy concepts in easy-to-understand language.

This collection of 18 videos cover topics across the curriculum, including numeracy and number sense, language of measurement, sorting of objects, representing data and more. The videos come with supportive lesson plans, printables and hands-on activities that help teachers to extend the concept into the classroom and encourage student participation.

The videos connect concepts to situations that students can relate to. This focuses on the link between the concrete and the abstract that is so important in early maths learning.

Both the Numbeanies Games Box and Magic Mentor Videos are now available within Numeracy for Early Learners. Additionally, students in Kindergarten will find the Magic Mentor Videos in their Student Console.

Jump in and explore today!