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We’re here to support you. Parents and guardians are an important part of the learning process. This page is designed to introduce you to the tools and reports included as part of your subscription to help you support your child.

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Meet the Family Console…

Included with your home subscription was a second login, for you as the parent, giving you access to the Family Console – your launchpad to the tools, reports and resources available to you.

From within the Family Console, you can opt in to receive free weekly emails on your child’s progress, monitor their activity, assign them tasks to complete and access the library of Mathletics workbooks.

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Mathletics for families - help

Using the Family Console with your Mathletics subscription

Download your free guide to getting the most out of your Mathletics subscription within the Family Console.

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Using the Family Console with your Spellodrome subscription

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Exploring the student interface for younger learners…

If your child is in the Kindergarten to Year 6 age range, get a student’s-eye view of the interface they will be using to access all of their Mathletics content.

See how they access their curriculum activities and supporting animated tutorials in the Learn area. Explore how they can access exciting maths games such as Live Mathletics in the Play area. See also how points are earned and how they contribute towards certificates.

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Explore the student interface for older learners…

If your child is in the Year 7+ age bracket, get a student’s-eye view of the interface they will be using to access all of their Mathletics content.

See how they access their curriculum content, alongside the video, print and interactive support materials in the Learn area. Explore how they can visually track their improvement and achievements within My Progress and access Live Mathletics in the Play area.

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Targeting multiplication fluency with Multiverse…

Powered by Mathletics, Multiverse is an immersive game designed to increase multiplication fact fluency and recall.

Set in a rich, animated science-fiction world, students use their knowledge and recall of multiplication facts in a story context, to scan asteroids, harvest resources, navigate through space and even defeat space pirates!

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Mathletics rewards, certificates and avatars explained

Mathletics is a highly engaging learning environment that encourages students to achieve and make progress. A variety of mechanisms are available to encourage students to strive for great performance, such as rewards, certificates and avatars.

Watch this video to learn more.

Making maths fun with LIVE Mathletics

The hugely popular Live Mathletics area is a way to improve mathematical fluency, speed of recall and accuracy – all in an incredibly fun way. Students love it – learning becomes, quite literally, a game! An excellent warm up or reward for hard work.

Watch this video to learn more.

What do curriculum activities look like?

Curriculum activities are the beating heart of Mathletics. Structured to complement the school-based curriculum, these targeted and adaptive activities covered every area of maths and include animated support tutorials for each concept.

Watch this video to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

For each correct answer within the Mathletics Curriculum you will be awarded 10 points – this doubles to 20 points per correct answer in each end of topic TEST. You can earn a maximum of 300 points per activity, per week (600 points for a TEST) so be sure to work across a variety of activities to gain maximum points.

UNICEF points are earned by students for each and every question answered correctly – in the Live Mathletics gaming area as well as within curriculum-based activities.  UNICEF points are converted into cash by the Mathletics team and used to fund our school building and support projects. For more information about how your school work is building schools – check out

Students are matched on their ability and skill level, not age or location, to ensure everyone gets a fair game, every time. Live Mathletics uses lots of data from each student (relating to their average score, speed and accuracy etc) to match students together. In random-match games (such as World Challenge) students will only be matched with another online student of the same ability, regardless of their age or location. Students are also only matched with another of equal skill ranking – from Raging Rookie through to Human Calculator.

In Live Mathletics, one point is awarded for every correct answer given – so in a game with 55 correct answers, that’s 55 points closer to your weekly certificate! Extra points are available for choosing a game at your Bonus Level (indicated by a gold star next to the level number) – here you will get TWO points for each correct answer.

Credits (to spend in the Mathletics avatar virtual store) can also be earned in Live Mathletics. 5 credits are awarded each time you win a game of Live Mathletics, and 10 credits each time you beat your previous High Score in any level.

Live Mathletics has ten levels of games. We recommend you choose a level that will challenge you. Once you reach Human Calculator ranking at one level, try challenging yourself at the next level up. Your individual Bonus Level (shown with a gold star) will guide you where will be a good level to challenge yourself.

  • The “Who’s Online” panel is displayed on the left of the screen in the Live Mathletics area.

  • This displays a live feed of all other students who are currently online and active in Live Mathletics, within the same class as the student.

  • Only students within the same class are displayed.

  • Students appear in the order of their individual high scores.

  • From the panel, students are able to select up to three classmates and challenge them directly to a game.

  • Offline students can also be challenged in Shadow Mode, where Mathletics will take over as the offline player – playing to that student’s current high score.

Shadow Mode allows students within Live Mathletics to challenge other students in their class who are offline.

How does it work?

  • On the main Live Mathletics dashboard, a panel on the left of the screen will display all the other students in the same class – ordered by each student’s current high score.

  • Students are shown as either being online or currently within a Live Mathletics game. Students can challenge another online classmate to a Live Mathletics battle by clicking their name. That student will be notified of the challenge within their own panel.

  • If a student is not currently within the Live Mathletics area (or offline completely), they will be identified with a shadow icon. These students can also be challenged to a game, during which Shadow Mode will take over and play as the offline student – answering questions at the same rate as their current high score. For example, if an offline student is challenged to a Level 1 game and their current high score at that level is 50, Shadow Mode will answer 50 questions correctly during that game.

Buy with confidence! 3P Learning offers a no questions asked 10-day money back guarantee when you purchase an annual home subscription. If you wish to cancel within 10 days of purchase, contact us for a full refund. For full details, see visit our terms and conditions page.

Certainly. For each of the ten gaming levels of Live Mathletics, students are assigned one of five ability rankings – ranging from a Raging Rookie all the way up to a Human Calculator. These are dependant on the scores and accuracy percentages of the student. They are used when pairing students together in random-match games – only students of the same ability level will be matched together, to ensure fair games for all!

Your ability ranking – from Raging Rookie to Human Calculator – depends on your top score and accuracy level. The Live Mathletics computer uses your average scores from your last three games to decide your ranking. Improve your scores and watch your ranking increase, but be careful… your ranking can also go down!

Every student has a Bonus Level available to choose (where DOUBLE POINTS are available!). This is shown by a gold star next to the level number and is a level slightly beyond where you are currently scoring highest (so you might find that your bonus level is different to your friend’s level.) It is designed to be a challenge for you to complete. Take your bonus level challenge today!

All ages. The ten individual gaming levels include content from simple addition questions to complex algebra and statistics for Secondary/High School students. Students are matched together based on their personal speed and accuracy scores (regardless of age), so fair and competitive games are assured at all times.

Absolutely. The Live Gaming area within Mathletics (like all parts of the Mathletics resource) are completely safe and secure. While students are matched with others from elsewhere in the world, there is no direct communication and all student details are anonymous. Students are not able to contact others outside of their class directly.

Access to the internet is no longer a requirement with the Mathletics app! Whether you are out and about, or simply in a classroom with limited wifi bandwidth, the Mathletics app can be used offline. All of your points and results data will sync automatically when you’re next online. All areas of the app are available to use offline, with the exception of the Live Mathletics gaming zone. Download a copy of the Mathletics for Tablets guide for a full list of app FAQs

The Halls of Fame are displayed on the Mathletics homepage. These are live and updated every few minutes.

  • The Top Students Hall of Fame shows the top 100 students in the world. This is a daily leaderboard and counts only points earned by students during the current 24hr period (the countdown to the next daily reset is shown at the top of the Hall of Fame). If a student has enough points they will appear on the Hall of Fame automatically. Students can check their “daily points” total within their Student Console. Both global and national/regional Halls of Fame are displayed on the Mathletics homepage.

  • The Top Classes Hall of Fame shows the top 50 classes in the world. This is a weekly leaderboard (running Sunday-Sunday) and counts the average points earned by all students in a class this week. Again, both global and national/regional Halls of Fame are displayed on the Mathletics homepage.

A certificate is awarded to a student once they have earned 1000 points in a single week. Only one certificate is awarded each week, to help encourage sustained study by the student. Points are awarded across Mathletics in a number of ways…

  • Live Mathletics – students earn one point per correct answer

  • Live Mathletics – students earn two points per correct answers on their bonus level

  • Mathletics curriculum – 10 points per correct answer within individual activities*

  • Mathletics curriculum – 20 points per correct answer within a “Test”*

*Within the Mathletics curriculum a maximum of 300 points can be earned per week from a single activity (600 points for “Tests”). This is designed to encourage students to attempt a wide range of activities.

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