Surely maths shouldn’t be this much fun?

In addition to the hundreds of hours of core curriculum content per year level, workbooks and interactive tutorials; the live maths gaming area of Mathletics is so much more than a fun diversion. It’s a fast-paced and exciting way to improve mathematical fluency.

  • Students are matched with others around the world in LIVE real-time 60-second races, great for maths fluency!
  • Racing against each other, students answer as many maths questions as they can
  • Students are matched randomly with other students with a similar ability to compete in a safe, secure online maths game!
  • Live Mathletics is a popular and hugely fun online maths game for students of all ages
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“My daughter, who has never liked maths, now loves it. She often asks me to go on Mathletics, she loves to “play” Live Mathletics against other kids and seeing all the different players around the world. It’s so fun it doesn’t feel like learning. She even increased her exam results.” – Parent